Unbelievable Star Wars Jedi Force Levitator

Unbelievable Star Wars Jedi Force Levitator

Every Jedi has the ability to use the Force. It is an energy field that connect all living things in the galaxy. Some of the powerful Force abilities are the Force Push and Force Pull. The Jedi use the Force Push and Force Pull as an offensive or defensive manner. They can push random objects out of their way or towards the enemies and pull items such as the Lightsaber when it is out of reach. Or just use their abilities to show off and impress someone.


This unbelievable Star Wars Jedi Force Levitator use electrostatic force to suspend and move objects (deflectors) in mid-air. Jedi Training Rod is a real static electricity generator that generate electrostatic energy that attract and repel objects. The rod create a positive charge around itself and the deflector to push it away (same charge repel). On the other hand, your body is now negative charge and are able to pull the deflector toward you (different charge attract).


This product come with a Jedi Training Rod, 8 different shaped Force deflectors and a science learning poster. Use the Jedi Training Rod to Force Push and Force Pull deflectors in mid-air. The Jedi Training Rod require 2 AA batteries to function and are not include within the product. It is really fun to play with and suitable for kids as they can learn something about Static Electricity.


Product Info

Name : Star Wars Science – Jedi Force Levitator
Price : $24.31
Type : Toy
Product Dimensions : 13 x 2 x 10 Inches
Shipping Weight : 11.2 Ounces
Battery : Yes – 2 AA batteries (Not Included)
Recommended Age : 6+

Based On : Star Wars
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, Use The Force Within
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