Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsabers

Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsabers

In 2015, Hasbro begin releasing a new series call the Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsaber. It is a new concept in Lightsaber buliding as it lets kids to mix and match with other Lightsaber parts to create unique and crazy looking Lightsabers. With the Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber Set and other Bladebuilders Lightsabers, kids are able to customize over 100 different combinations.


There are currently 3 types of Bladebuilders Lightsabers.

  1. Electronic Bladebuilders Lightsaber (features extendable blade, lights and Lightsaber sound effects)
  2. Basic Bladebuilders Lightsaber (a basic extendable blade with no lights and sounds)
  3. Nerf Bladebuilders Lightsaber (a soft foam blade with no lights and sounds)


Bladebuilders Lightsabers

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