Star Wars Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber Collectible

Star Wars Signature Series Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber Collectible 1

A strong and deadly warrior of the Dark Side, Asajj Ventress. She is skillful in lightsaber combats and a bitter enemy of both Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. She wield the above curved hilt Red Lightsaber in the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars and during the animated tv series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


The Star Wars Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber Collectible has a bright and glowing red energy blade of over 3 feet long, a metal hilt and ignites at the press of a button. This Force FX Lightsaber is the most realistic movie replica base on the Lightsaber wield by Asajj Ventress. It is also the highest grade Lightsaber on the market.


Finally, it feature functions like a power-activation humming sound, battle-clash lights and sounds effect upon blade contact and motion sensor-controlled sound effects. The four motion sensor-controlled sound effects include power-up, idle hum, clash and power-down which are digitally recorded from the movie. This product includes a Lightsaber, a display base and instructions.


Product Info

Name : Star Wars Signature Series Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber Collectible
Price : $799.99
Type : Star Wars Lightsaber Replicas
Model : Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber Collectible
Color : Red
Length : 45.2 Inches
Weight : 4.3 Pounds
Hilt : Metal
Assembly Requirements : Phillips Screwdriver (Not Included)

Battery : Yes – 3 AAA batteries (Not Included)
Light : Yes
Sound : Yes
Extendable : No
Recommended Age : 14+

Based On : Asajj Ventress‘s Lightsaber
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, The Dark Side
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