Real Life Playable Tetris Light


The good old Tetris game. It was made by a Russian Programmer name Alexey Pajitnov and the original game was release on June 6, 1984 (wow so old). It is a highly popular game in the past that we play at an arcade or a game console.


It bring new light when Tetris came to Facebook as Tetris Battle. We battle our opponent fearlessly, sending extra rows to KO each other and earn a star (or lost a star) after each battle. It is intense, fun and sometimes frustrating to play (when luck is not on your side).


Tetris also came with a playable light. It have 7 pieces which you can stacked in any combination you want. It give out a soft glow in the dark and each pieces have different colours. The light turns on when pieces are stacked together and goes off when dissembled. It is affordable, collectable and also fun to play around.


Product Info

Name : Tetris Light
Price : $32.52
Type : Desk Light
Product Dimensions : 7 x 4 x 1 Inches
Shipping Weight : 1.6 Pounds
Light : Yes
Sound : No
Recommended Age : 3+

Based On : Tetris
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, Play?
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