Life Size Minecraft Torch Light


What do you get when you craft a Charcoal/Coal and a Stick? Yup, you will get 4 torches. In the Minecraft world, torches are use to light up dark places such as cave, tunnel or random land during night fall. You can mount them on top or around a solid block. Torches also melt nearby snow and ice thus making it useful to light up safety pathways. Be sure to bring enough of them to stop hostile mobs from spawning or to navigate around when doing cave exploring or underground mining.


Good news for you guys in the real world, you won’t need to craft torches from Charcoal and Stick. ThinkGeek had officially licensed Minecraft collectible and created the life size Minecraft Torch Light. It require 3 AAA batteries (not included) to power up.


Just like the torch in the game, it also can be hang on a wall or place on a table. To hang on a wall, open the bottom part of the torch to expose the two keyhole mounting slots. You can then place the torch to a hook (also not included) on the wall. It is perfect for game fans to own and a good gift for people who play Minecraft. So, stock them up and start gaming in the real world.


Product Info

Name : Minecraft Light Up Wall Torch
Price : $12.19
Type : Wall Light
Product Dimensions : 11 x 2.2 x 2.2 Inches
Shipping Weight : 9.1 Ounces
Battery : Yes – 3 AAA batteries (Not Included)
Light : Yes
Sound : No
Recommended Age : 5+

Based On : Minecraft’s Torch
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, Adventure?
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