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Wow, a Diamond Ore. It is also one of the rarest and valuable ore in the Minecraft world. It is sometimes spoted in hard to get places and thus making the ore harder to mine. Mining a Diamond Ore will give you a Diamond Item that can be use to make the most powerful and durable tools and armor. The Diamond Items are also use to craft the most iconic weapon of all, the Diamond Sword. Finally, be prepare in a body of Diamonds and face the wrath of the final boss mob, the Ender Dragon.


You won’t need to mine for Diamond Ores as real world offer us the Minecraft Diamond Ore Light. Just like the Glowing Minecraft Redstone Ore Light, it is made out of plastic with LED lights and have a small size with around 3 inches at each sides. It give up a dim light (not enough to light up the entire room) and require constant tapping to light up. It have 3 levels of light as each tap will make it glow brighter and the lighting will last around 5 minutes. The Minecraft Diamond Ore Light requires 2 AA batteries (not included) to operate. It is good for collection, decoration and as gift to others. Final words, just remember to Tap! Tap! Tap! for lights.


Product Info

Name : Minecraft Light Up Diamond Ore
Price : $11.86
Type : Desk Light
Product Dimensions : 4 x 3 x 3 Inches
Shipping Weight : 7 Ounces
Battery : Yes – 2 AA batteries (Not Included)
Light : Yes
Sound : No
Recommended Age : 6+

Based On : Minecraft’s Diamond Ore
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, Tap! Tap! Tap!
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