Mind Blowing Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer 1

Mind Blowing Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer 1

Oh My God! This is actually the Most Awesome Mind Blowing Gadget that let’s you use the power of your Mind (brainwaves) to control an object. Just like the Jedi, you are able to experience the power of the Force and lift object with your Mind. Progress from Padawan to Jedi Master as you master the use of “The Force” through its training.


The Mind Blowing Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer 1 has 4 different parts. These parts are the Training Tower Base, the Training Tower, the Training Remote Sphere and the Adjustable Wireless Headset. It feature advanced brain control interface technology to read and interpret your brainwaves.


Now how does it works? While you concentrate, your brain generate a type of brainwave call Beta brainwave. These brainwaves are associated with concentration and focus attention. The headset which utilize dry EEG sensor technology detects these brainwaves. It then translate the brainwave into a digital signal and send to the Training Tower. With your concentration and mental focus, you will have the ability to move the Training Remote Sphere (ball) up or down inside the Training Tower.


The Force Trainer require 9 AA batteries (not included) to function. It has 15 levels of mind training. The increasingly challenging sequences are aided by training instructions from Master Yoda. Additional Star Wars sound effects will confirm your accomplishment and provide encouragement throughout the training. Moreover, the advancement and current level of your training will be display on the Training Tower Base control panel. For further and detail instructions, you can watch the instructional videos in Mind Control Force Trainer Instructions Video.


The entire product includes the 3 Force Trainer assemble parts (Training Tower Base, Training Tower and Training Remote Sphere), an Adjustable Wireless Headset, a instruction manual and a science learning poster. It has a dimensions of 16 x 6 x 10 inches and weight around 2.6 pounds. This is a very fun, exciting, interactive and new experience for both kids, adults and geeks around the world.


You can also visit the Mind Control Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer 2 for a more advance and update version of the original Jedi Force Trainer.


Product Info

Name : Star Wars Science – Force Trainer
Price : $151.80
Type : Neural Sensor Device
Product Dimensions : 16 x 6 x 10 Inches
Shipping Weight : 2.7 Pounds
Battery : Yes – 9 AA batteries (Not Included)
Recommended Age : 8+

Based On : Star Wars
Suitable For : Collection, Decoration, Gift, The Force Is Strong With You
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