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Welcome to Glowing With Me!

Where the lights Glowing With Me, Shining Within My Memories.


We are a website that is dedicated by bringing you the most nostalgic, unique and awesome lights, lamps as well as other custom made items. We will also gather some other useful and weird stuff that you may like through out the internet. They are suitable for collections, home decorations or as gift to someone else. So, sit back, relax and let us do all the gathering and you guys do all the viewing or commenting. Please enjoy our work.


Why Glowing With Me?
The initial idea of this website was to gather some of the most nostalgic and unique lights and lamps that can be found through out the internet. Most of the lamps were mainly based on the popular games, cartoons, anime, movies and series that we once grow up with and had a place in our heart. They have been around us when we were kids and still continues to hold a special place in our memories. We have all growing up with them and hence the name “Glowing With Me“.


Please continue to support us as we will bring you more items (not just lamps) in the future that exist in the internet. May The Light Be With You. Thank you.




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